safer cleaner more efficient

Sensata's mission-critical sensors, electrical protection and power management solutions help improve safety, efficiency and comfort for millions of people every day.

Smarter solutions for today's mission-critical business needs at Sensata's advanced testing lab

Preventing electrical fires

For over 95 years our bitmetal current and temperature control devices have helped prevent overheating and fires in furnaces, lights, home appliances and more

Revolutionizing combustion technology

by reducing diesel emissions

Lowering emissions

in heavy vehicles for a cleaner enviroment

Reducing power consumption

in refridgerators and compressors

Improving industrial performance

by enabling cleaner and more efficient operations

Electrical protection and fault detection in solar photovoltaic systems

  • Global

    scope and development supported by a $2 billion global entity
  • Expert

    designers, in-house automation, rapid prototyping and advanced test labs
  • Proven

    track record supporting high-volume manufacturing
  • 24/7

    engineering and support teams, located where your customers build product

More dependable mobile

phone systems

Safer, more comfortable flights

Cleaner buildings

with more efficient HVAC systems